An Interested Party.
Umbrellas and Afternoon Tea.

22, F, England.
Sherlock/Wholock Roleplayer Extrodinaire.
-Mystrade/Johnlock.- (Specialty: Fantasy AUs, such as Angel/Demon/Vampire)
I find myself to be an experienced player who, when fully submerged into the idea can really get some cracking writing going.
I love finding new stills from my favourite series, especially in B+W, as I find the image more enthralling.
Don't be shy to message me, as I'm reliably informed that I am a very open person, and would love to hear any roleplay ideas that you would like to play out sometime. Laterz.

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"Someone changed his mind. The question is: who?"

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"Mycroft is actually cleverer than his brother." {Bafta TV 2014} [x]

You’re a doctor. What is your recommendation for long term storage of cirrhotic livers? SH

My professional recommendation is NOT IN MY FUCKING FRIDGE.

Don’t be ridiculous. I wouldn’t put livers in the fridge. SH

They’re going in the freezer. SH


The Moonlight and the Frost by CaitlinFairchild

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AHH! Such a brilliant use of a gif!

caitlinispiningforjohnlock have you seen this??

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I have a better question– is everyone I have ever met a psychopath?

Sherlock Holmes + sleeeeep


Sherlock fandom at any given day


❤ Our Sherlock sceneframing photos in no particular order
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Is it just me, or does John seem far more surprised to find a woman in Sherlock’s bedroom than he is to find Sherlock in a drug den?  

x x

You are spot on, my friend.

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