An Interested Party.
Umbrellas and Afternoon Tea.

22, F, England.
Sherlock/Wholock Roleplayer Extrodinaire.
-Mystrade/Johnlock.- (Specialty: Fantasy AUs, such as Angel/Demon/Vampire)
I find myself to be an experienced player who, when fully submerged into the idea can really get some cracking writing going.
I love finding new stills from my favourite series, especially in B+W, as I find the image more enthralling.
Don't be shy to message me, as I'm reliably informed that I am a very open person, and would love to hear any roleplay ideas that you would like to play out sometime. Laterz.

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John & Sherlock look-a-like Tom

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Martin on his character… (x)


shooting sherlock - Sherlock and Molly

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This devastating BASTARD…


This devastating BASTARD…

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4/? sherlock candids


4/? sherlock candids

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Around the time Sherlock discovered the eightieth sex toy he returned to the bedroom and split the toys into two piles before further prioritizing them. "What are you doing?" John asked somewhat puzzled but very turned on. "It occurred to me that I should really be sorting these into two categories, things I want you to use on me and things I want to use on you," Sherlock said as he finished with the toys he's already found. John hoped the sex swing was in the "for him to use on Sherlock" pile.


I literally did the universal “YES!” fist pump when I read this.

Part 1

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Mark Gatiss and Martin Freeman, at the Olivier Awards — April 13, 2014

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